Dean Coxx

Interview with Gaydemon April 10th, 2011

I'm talking with mouth-watering muscle stud Dean Coxx. This hot gay 4 pay hunk has got his own adult website, and has also starred in the award winning gay porn parody film, Jersey Score, for which he was nominated for a Grabby for "best actor".

Gaydemon: So tell us about Jersey Score... How'd you get approached with the idea? What was the experience like? How does it differ from shooting a scene for your website? Any controversy with the real Jersey Shore?

Dean: Robert at Jet Set approached me about being the star in their next production so I figured I would give it a shot. Overall the experience was great, I'm not use to being pampered on set, and the team at Jet Set was amazing. The days were long but it was fun clowning around with the guys on set. My site is very amateur; we just meet up and shoot. I personally like to get things done and out of the way so I can have fun after and go on with my day. There hasn't been any controversy with the Jersey Shore that I know of.

Gaydemon: Congrats on being nominated for multiple Grabby's this year for Jersey Score :) That's got to feel pretty good right? Which nominations have you received?

Dean: Being nominated is always great feeling. Winning is even better. It's great for all the people involved with Jersey Score that worked so hard. Personally I've been nominated for a couple Cybersocket awards for "Best Porn Star Site" I won a Rentboy Hookie for "Best Website" I won a GAYVN for "Best Amateur" and was recently nominated for another GAYVN for "Overall Fan Favorite" which means a lot to me because it's from the fans. And then most recently the Grabby nomination for "Best Actor" for Jersey Score

Gaydemon: So tell us about How did you start your own site? Tell us your vision for the site :) How the hell do you find time to maintain it?

Dean: started out with a simple vision and that was taking it one day at a time and giving the fans what they want. Fan emails and ideas are what shape the site, I love to try new things and have fresh ideas and that wouldn't be possible without the fans support and feedback. started out with solos and casting calls, followed by interactions, 3somes and even bi scenes. Finding time to maintain it can be tough but I have a good team behind me.

Gaydemon: Now you've appeared on the Tyra Banks Show, TMZ, Perez Hilton and more, do you consider yourself a face of the business? What is it like for other gay 4 pay performers in the adult world? What is the biggest issue, in your opinion, in the adult film industry?

Dean: I don't consider myself the face of the industry, although it's a flattering thought. My main focus is to be professional on and off set, treat people with respect and work as hard as I can. I really can't speak for the other gay 4 pay performers but there is certainly a stigma that goes along with being in this industry and I do know people that have let the money go to their heads not realizing that they can't do the job forever. It's can be pretty easy to get caught up in the partying and that's why it's very important for me to keep my professional life completely separate from my personal life.

Gaydemon: So I'd love to hear how you got started? Take us back to your 2SCM days and your early career. Was there ever any second thoughts for you? Any conflict from family?

Dean: I had just moved to San Diego from Philadelphia and bills where piling up, I saw an ad in the local paper so I'll called up and next thing you know I'm on my way to an audition. Matt of what I now refer to as the "Evil Empire" guaranteed me that I would be his number one guy, and as the old saying goes money talks bullshit walks. It was hard to believe that a few hours of work could take care of my bills. Of course I had second thoughts, but Matt made me feel comfortable and told me to embrace the positive and understand that it was just a job. It was good advice so I took it, but over time he changed, until I had no choice but to leave the company rather than continue to put up with the bullshit that was being dumped on me. There has never been conflict within my family, they just told me to know when to get out of the business.

Gaydemon: How's your home life? Are you in a relationship? Do you have any hobbies or special talents?

Dean: Home life is good - it's just me these days. I was in a relationship for a long time but after a while we grew apart and things didn't work out. I love working out, mountain biking, hiking - pretty much anything active and outdoors. One of my new hobbies is cooking, I love to eat and would spend a fortune eating out so I figured I would check out some recipes and get to work. It's really satisfying sitting down and eating something new and delicious after I've slaved over the hot stove making it. No special talents that I can think of.

Gaydemon: Do you like to work with other straight guys more or is a gay performer easier to work with? We've seen you mostly top... Any chance more bottoming is in the future? Any guys that you haven't worked with that you'd like to get the opportunity to fuck?

Dean: For the most part I have found straight guys easier to work with. Some of the gay performers I have worked with bitch and complain too much, and I am a no nonsense kind of guy. I have bottomed a few times on my site but I do mostly top. I get the TONS of requests from fans to do more bottoming but it's not an easy thing for me to do and I don't really enjoy doing it. I currently have no plans to bottom in any of my upcoming shoots. I would like to work with Benjamin Bradley and or Roman Heart.

Gaydemon: Sex with a guy is of course completely different than with a girl. Is there anything you like to do with a guy that is better than with a female and vice versa? Is it ever difficult to stay into it??

Dean: I don't think there is anything I would rather do with a guy over a girl, I love woman. Working with guys can be difficult and uncomfortable but the fans and the money keep me going. I love fan feedback and personally read and reply to as many emails as I can, plus this profession has provided me with freedoms that I never had before.

Gaydemon: So Dean, what can we expect from you coming up? Is the Jersey Score sequel I've heard about going to come out? Any new things coming to

Dean: The Jersey Score Sequel is in the works; I unfortunately decided to turn it down. One big production is enough for me, I want to focus on I wish all the talented people a Jet Set the best of luck on the project, and hope they rack up some more awards for their great work. At Clubdean I decided to kick off this year with a couple shoots featuring some well known guys like Spencer Whitman and Vince Ryan; now I'm going to focus on bringing in some fresh faced amateurs. There are also plans to add some straight videos as I do get a lot of requests from fans that want to see me with girls. I think the guys will enjoy watching me in my element so look out for that.

Gaydemon: Dean Coxx, it has been a pleasure having you here in the GayDemon Lounge. Where can we get up to date with everything you? Twitter or facebook? Best of luck with the Grabby nominations, and come back and pay us a visit :)

Dean: The pleasure was all mine. You can keep up with me by following me on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks so much for having me. I think luck is on our side for winning the grabby award.

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